Learn Discipline, focus, and respect.

Students are expected to give their maximum effort and strive to be disciplined, focused, and respectful, but always try to enjoy the challenges and have fun.


One of the best places to learn Taekwondo

Established in 1994, SC Kim's Taekwondo has been the premier destination for people of all ages eager to learn from one of the best.


Gain the confidence to overcome obstacles.

We push our students to excellence both in the martial arts and everything they do in life. The discipline and training helps provide the confidence and drive necessary to succeed in life.


World Class Master. World Class Staff. World Class Training.

Master SC Kim, a 7th degree Kukkiwon black belt, is also a 1st class international referee often called on to judge the best in the world. He knows how to referee the elite and he knows how to bring out the best in his students.



The world class staff at SC Kim’s Taekwondo specializes in working with children. Classes are divided by age and skill to provide the optimal environment for children to learn at their own pace and reach their maximum potential. We also offer a comprehensive fitness program for adults providing the added benefit of learning self-defence skills and overall self-improvement. We’ve been helping our community’s kids, men, and women stay fit and safe since 1994.


We invite you to participate in a free trial class.

We offer lessons tailored to any level so don’t hesitate to take advantage of this chance and have fun while getting fit!

Give us a call at (604) 430-5467 or send us your info and we’ll contact you.


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    Why Learn Taekwondo With Us?

    Expect Extraordinary Benefits

    Positive Self-Image and Pride

    A positive self-image leads to victory. If you want to be a champion black belt or the best in anything you do, you must hold a positive image of yourself. One is not naturally born with this; it must be learned and practised until it becomes second nature. Studying the martial arts is an excellent way to enhance your self-image and pride. The resulting motivating force will drive you to accomplish your objectives.

    Courage to Overcome Fear

    Courage is the maker of a champion black belt and is a characteristic all winners possess. It is a measure of your heart, desire, and inner strength. Courage will keep you from being intimidated by the prospect of failure and propel yourself undaunted into the challenges you face.  Fear is natural but together with courage can drive you to perform better.

    Self-Discipline and Respect

    The martial arts philosophy teaches the importance of respect for oneself and others. All black belt students must follow the Student Creed. They will learn to set goals and be self-motivated to achieve them. A positive mental attitude will evolve from this. Younger students will have the self-confidence to resist peer pressure and avoid the disastrous effects of drugs and gang affiliations.

    Our Programs for Children

    Award Winning Children's Programs

    The well-being and education of our children is paramount to us. We understand that younger students have shorter attention spans, so our unique children’s programs employ interesting and enjoyable methods to keep the students’ attention and teach them skills they can use for life. Students will develop self-confidence needed to believe they can achieve their goals, improved self-discipline resulting in better behaviour, and sharpened listening skills required to achieve academic proficiency.

    • We promote non-violent resolutions to conflict. Our methods help children to explore and understand conflict through role-play and other exercises.
    • Students will learn confidence, self-discipline, and control as they learn how to act and react to the world around them.
    • Our young students are treated with respect and are taught to return the same respect to others.
    •  We believe in praise, encouragement, and positive reinforcement. We have incentives for good academic report cards, and students must maintain good academic grades to be promoted to a higher rank.
    • We teach students the value of making goals and working hard to meet them.
    • Enhance strength, coordination, and athletic ability.
    • Have tons of fun in classes, training camps, tournaments, demonstrations, and other special events.

    Our Programs for Adults

    Rewarding Adult Programs

    We offer adult programs of all levels and skill, and we encourage the participation of women, men, children, parents, and grandparents because everyone can benefit from the study of martial arts. All our students are given the attention they need to gain the maximum benefits from learning Taekwondo and the emphasis on discipline and the value of persistence to achieve goals are immensely beneficial to everyone who participates. Regular attendance will also result in stress reduction, increased fitness, and an overall better quality of life.

    • Improved endurance, flexibility, and strength.
    • A healthy and fun option for stress relief.
    • Acquire positive relationships with enthusiastic people.
    • Greater variety of workouts than traditional exercise programs.
    • Self-defence skills and awareness for personal security.